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Adding Classes

How do I enroll in a course after the third week?

You will need to petition the college to add a course after Friday of 3rd week. And while you can pick up a late add petition from any ASK counselor or L & S counseling office, you must submit the completed petition to your advising unit AAP, Honors, Athletics, L&S.


I want to apply to UCLA next fall but my GPA is only average. Should I bother?

In order to get an answer to that question you will need to contact the counselors in the Office of Admissions. Please visit one of the following websites for any application or admission question you may have:
Freshman Admission
Transfer Admission
Applying to other Schools or Programs within UCLA


Career Center

I want to know more about Law School, where should I go?

You should visit the UCLA Career Center. It's the central office for student services and resources to explore careers in both academic and non-academic fields, make career decisions, obtain employment and internship leads, and develop skills for conducting a successful job search. To visit the Career Center you can go to 501 Westwood Plaza or visit their website:

You also can see a L & S Counseling Assistant who is currently in law school at UCLA. To make an appointment, please visit A-316 Murphy Hall window 1.

Changing Grading Basis

How do I change my grading basis (Pass/No Pass or Letter Grade) and when is the deadline?

Go to the enrollment menu on URSA where you will see an option to change your grading basis. The deadline is Friday of 6th week at midnight.

If you want to change grading basis after the deadline, you must obtain a "change of grading detail" petition from any ASK counselors or counseling units. After you complete the petition, turn it in to your advising unit. Please note that this petition is rarely approved.

Class Ranking

I am applying to Law School and need to know my class ranking. Where can I find this information?

Effective Fall 2000 UCLA does not calculate any type of class rankings. You can, however, get an explanatory letter from the Registrar's Office at 1134 Murphy Hall that you can send to prospective schools.

Class Standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)

I'm confused— my DPR lists me as a sophomore but on MyUCLA I'm still considered a freshman. Who or what should I believe? FYI I just finished my second quarter at UCLA and I entered with 25 AP units.

Your class standing is determined solely by the number of units you've completed (including transfer and AP). The breakdown is as follows:

Freshman (UFR) 0-44.9 units

Sophomore (USO) 45-89.9 units

Junior (UJR) 90-134.9 units

Senior (USR) 135 or more units

Don't stress about the discrepancy between your DPR and your MyUCLA page. Keep in mind that the databases for MyUCLA and the DPR are administered by different departments and are most likely updated on different schedules.

Community College

I want to take a class at a CC this summer to satisfy my last GE requirement, how do I know if it will transfer back to UCLA?

If you are planning to take a course at a community college to fulfill your GE, then go to for a list of articulation agreements between UCLA and some of the most popular community colleges. If your CC is among those listed, most of your work is done — simply click on the link and a screen will pop up listing the classes that are equivalent to our GEs. If your CC is not on that list, you can get an approximate idea of how a course would transfer back to UCLA by visiting We cannot guarantee accuracy of this information though, you should double check the information you find there with a counselor in your advising unit.

I took a class last summer at a CC and I want to transfer the credit here, what do I do?

You can get an official copy of your CC transcript and give it in person to the Admissions and Records Office at 1147 Murphy Hall. You can also have the CC mail an official copy to UCLA. For address please see below.

Can I take a course at a CC after I have 105 total units?

Once you have accumulated 105 units of college credit, you will no longer be eligible to receive unit credit from course work done at a community college. You can use community college coursework to satisfy other college and university requirements, however. For example, if you need a class to satisfy a Life Science GE you can still take the equivalent course at a community college like SMC. The only difference is that while you'll get credit for taking a Life Science GE, and since you will not earn any units toward your UCLA unit requirement (180), you won't be in violation of the Senior Residency Requirement.

I want to take a GE now while I am at UCLA in a regular session. Can I do this?

No, you cannot take any classes at a community college (or any other non-UC school) during a regular session at UCLA. This is called concurrent enrollment, which UCLA does not allow during regular sessions (fall, winter, spring). The only time you can to this is during the summer. For more information on concurrent enrollment please see below.

Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment? How do I know if I am concurrently enrolled?

Concurrent enrollment occurs when you are attending a UCLA regular session (fall, winter, or spring) and another college institution at the same time. These institutions include community colleges, UCLA extension, or any four-year university.

Does UCLA generally allow students to concurrently enroll?

No, although you can take classes elsewhere, you won't receive any credit at UCLA for these classes. The only time a student can receive credit for concurrent enrollment is during summer session.

Counseling Information and Appointments

How do I make an appointment with my counselor?

If you are a student in the College of Letters and Science (and not in Honors, AAP or Athletics), then you can make an appointment to see a counselor at A316 Murphy Hall Window # 1 or 2. Both windows are open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

You can make an appointment to see a Counseling Assistant at Window 1. CAs are graduate students who are trained to answer your questions about a variety of topics. If you're a freshman or sophomore, CAs can help you with program planning and major exploration. If you're a junior or senior, CAs are great resources for information about graduate and professional schools. Appointments with CAs can be made for the same day (when available) or in advance.

You can make an appointment with a full time counselor at Window 2. Full time counselors deal with questions about graduation, academic difficulty (i.e. Subject to Dismissal or Academic probation) or personal problems that may affect your academic performance. Appointments with full time counselor can be made on a same day basis only. Be sure to arrive at the window early as appointments fill up quickly.

Honors students make appointments at A311 Murphy Hall
AAP students at 1209 Campbell Hall
Student athletes in the Morgan Center.

Dean's Honors

How do I know if I received Dean's Honors last quarter?

If you have received either a 3.75 GPA in any one term with at least 12 graded units and no grade of NP or I or a 3.66 GPA and at least 56 grade points during the term, with no grade of NP or I, then you have received Dean's Honors. Dean's Honors are automatically recorded on the transcript.

Declaring Candidacy

How and when do I declare my degree expected term?

You should declare your candidacy before you've accumulated 160 units or a $20 dollar fee will be assessed to your bar account. You can use URSA online to declare your degree expected term.

I declared candidacy for spring, but I just realized that I can finish my degree requirements this quarter. How can I change my degree expected term?

If you decide that you would like to graduate at the end of the current term, you must declare candidacy through URSA by Friday of the second week of classes. If you miss this deadline, you can still declare using the form found at: (an additional $15 late fee will apply) You file this form in person at 1113 Murphy Hall using the guidelines found on the form. For more information about the rules and regulations of declaring candidacy visit:

Degree Progress Report (DPR)

My RA told me to look at my DPR. What is a DPR?

A Degree Progress Report is a summary of your UCLA coursework. It details what requirements you have to fulfill for your GE's and your major--noting in bold any requirements that you have yet to complete. You can access your DPR through URSA by clicking "Degree Progress Report" on the main menu or by requesting that a copy be printed for you at any counseling unit

I was admitted to the Education minor, when will it show up on my DPR?

It can take as long as one quarter before the change will be reflected on your DPR.


I graduated last quarter, is my diploma ready? How can I pick it up?

Diplomas are available approximately three to four months after the degree award date. You can avoid paying postage by picking up your diploma in person at 1113 Murphy Hall. Call the "Diploma Hotline" (310) 825-8883 or visit for more information about diploma availability.

Double Major

What should I do if I want to double major?

Pick up a blue double major checklist. Use this as a guide to discuss major requirements and program planning with the undergraduate advisor in both majors. If you're not sure where to find the undergraduate advising office for a particular major, visit You should also make an appointment with a fulltime counselor in your advising unit in order to assess the viability of your plan.

If I double major can I use courses required for one of the majors to satisfy requirements for the other?

Yes, to a point. You can, for example, overlap an unlimited number of prep classes for both majors. However, you can only overlap 5 upper division classes between the two majors.

I missed the week four drop deadline, but heard I can still petition to drop a non-impacted class with a notation?

During Weeks 5-7 you can drop a course through URSA without an instructor's signature and you will get a transcript notation indicating the week the course was dropped. Example: Course dropped Week 6

What's new is that you do this now through URSA, no paperwork is required.

What is the new Restricted Drop?

Beginning Fall 2006, a new drop policy for non-impacted courses for undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science goes into effect. During Weeks 8-10, you are now limited to three restricted late drops in your entire UCLA undergraduate career. We have these petitions at all ASK locations and they are at every counseling unit. So, you need to pick up the new green Restricted Drop Petition, get the instructor's signature verifying that no final has been taken and submit this drop request to your counseling unit (Honors, AAP or L&S) If your counseling unit confirms that you have not made more than three of these restricted drop requests during weeks 8-10 your petition is approved, processed and your transcript is notated accordingly

What if I exceed my UCLA career limit of three restricted drop requests?

Beginning Fall 2006, if you have already dropped three classes during the Week 8-10 restricted period, you must now use the RED DROP PETITION. The procedure is the same, you get the instructor's signature and submit this to your counseling unit, BE WARNED, these are only approved in cases of extraordinary and verifiable circumstances.

What is the new RED DROP PETITION?

You would use this red drop petition for three different requests:

1. Impacted drop (after week 2)
2. Excessive Restricted Drop (more than three requests in weeks 8-10)
3. Retroactive Drop finals week and thereafter (impacted/non-impacted)

Can you just give me an overview of the L&S Drop Policy?

Sure, beginning Fall 2006, a new drop policy for non-impacted courses for undergraduates in L&S went into effect. The impacted drop policy remains the same. Student can drop non-impacted courses through URSA without a transcript notation through Friday of fourth week. In weeks five through seven, students can drop courses through URSA without an instructors' signature, but will receive a transcript notation noting the week the course was dropped. During weeks eight through ten, student are limited to three restricted late drops in their academic career. You must now obtain an instructor's signature verifying that no final has been taken and submit the crop request to your counseling units (AAP, Athletics, College Academic Counseling or Honors) All drops during weeks eight through ten will receive a transcript notation noting the week the course was dropped. The retroactive drop policy remains the same. Fees are assessed through BAR.


English 4W

I got an error message when I tried to enroll in an open section of English 4W. It said that I haven't met the restrictions for the class—but I've already taken English 3. Help!

You probably tried to enroll in a section of English 4W that is reserved for English majors. Each quarter the Dept. of English reserves four sections of English 4W for students in the major for whom the class is a prerequisite. If the sections don't fill up with major students, the department generally lifts the restriction before instruction begins. For more information about the status of these sections, contact an advisor in the English Undergraduate Advising Office at (310) 825-1389.

How do I enroll in the Honors section of English 4W?

Since there are far more students who want to take English 4HW than there is room to accommodate them, the English Dept. asks students who are both interested and eligible (you must be enrolled in College Honors) to come to the Undergrad. Advising Office (2222 Rolfe Hall) on the first day of priority enrollment and add their names to a list of prospective candidates for the course. The first twenty students to arrive (the office opens at 9am) will be guaranteed a place pending the confirmation of their participation in College Honors. If you have more questions about the enrollment process for English 4HW, contact the undergrad advisor for English at (310) 825-1389.

Is English 4W the only class that I can use to satisfy my Writing II requirement? I'm planning to major in the Social Sciences and I would really rather not take a class that is a prereq for English majors.

No problem--a variety of departments in the College of L&S offer courses that satisfy the Writing II requirement. Check out the Writing II class search link on the Schedule of Classes page and you'll see a list of all the Writing II classes that will be offered during the academic year

Enrollment (appointments; first pass)

When is my enrollment appointment for next quarter?

Checking the time of your enrollment appointment is one of your options on the URSA enrollment menu.

Why can't I enroll in more than 10 units?

Every student at UCLA has two enrollment passes. During the first pass (or priority pass for those who have priority enrollment), you may enroll in up to 10 units. Once second pass begins, you can enroll in up to 19 units.

How do I enroll in more than 19 units? (Extra Units)

If you have a 3.0 GPA (both overall AND in the previous quarter), a counselor in your advising unit can increase your maximum number of units for you while you wait. Then you can enroll on URSA for those extra courses. If your GPA is less than 3.0, you must fill out a petition for extra units and submit it to your advising unit. These petitions generally take 3 to 4 days to process.


What does it mean if the ESL requirement is bolded on my DPR? (I vaguely remember my Orientation counselor telling me that I needed to take an ESL placement exam.)

Both the ESL Placement exams and the ESL courses needed to satisfy this requirement are administered by Writing Programs

Expected Cumulative Progress Requirement (ECP)

What is the Expected Cumulative Progress (ECP) requirement?

Expected cumulative progress outlines specific unit calculations needed each quarter, see the ECP link for details:

Who needs to meet ECP?

All first-year students admitted Fall 2001 and thereafter and all transfer students admitted Fall 2003 and thereafter.

You can also access your personal ECP through your MyUCLA page.


Fee Reduction

I heard I can get my fees reduced if I take less than 10 units. Is this true? How can I sign up?

To be eligible for fee reduction you must be a student with valid documentation who for reasons of occupation, family responsibilities, or health are not able to attend full time, thus want to be a part time student. Part time status is defined as less than 10 units per quarter and is presumed to be of a permanent nature. Upon approval of part time status from the Dean, a reduction of the Educational Fee by one-half and a reduction of the Nonresident Tuition Fee by one-half be approved for students enrolling on a part-time basis. For more information and the petition to apply please visit your counseling unit. For Honors visit A311 Murphy Hall, AAP visit 1209 Campbell Hall, Athletics visit the Morgan Center, and regular Letters and Sciences students visit A316 Murphy Hall.

Financial Aid

Can you tell me when the Financial Aid checks for this quarter will be available?

Any and all questions about financial aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. Check out the following webpage for more information about how to contact that office:

Foreign Language Requirement

On my DPR it still says REQUIRED for my foreign language requirement. What do I need to do to satisfy this requirement?

The Foreign Language requirement can be satisfied by one of the following methods:

• Completing a college-level foreign language course equivalent to UCLA's level three or above. Be aware that not all introductory languages courses are numbered 1, 2, and 3. Introductory Hindi, for example, is numbered 40A, 40B and 40C.

• Scoring 3, 4, or 5 on the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) foreign language examination in French, German, or Spanish, thereby earning College credit

• Presenting a UCLA foreign language departmental examination score indicating competency through level three.

I want to take the language proficiency test in Korean, but I can't find a schedule for the placement exam. Who should I contact?

Students wishing to demonstrate proficiency in a language that is taught at UCLA but for which there is no scheduled placement exam, should contact the appropriate department directly in order to schedule an exam.

Students wishing to take an examination in a language not taught at UCLA should contact a counselor in their advising unit for more information.

I took the placement test during orientation and passed into Spanish 3. That was 3 years ago, however, and I've forgotten a lot. Can I take Spanish 1 to review?

You should contact a counselor in the Spanish department to discuss your options. What you should not do is enroll in Spanish 1 without departmental approval

Full Time Status

How many units do I need for full time status?

Most scholarships and federal aid consider 12 units a full time program. But to comply with expected cumulative progress guidelines all Letters and Science students are expected to enroll in a minimum of 13 units during a regular term. If you want to check your progress log onto and click on the ECP link on the left.

Where should I go to get proof of my full time status for insurance purposes?

Most verifications (including "good student" auto insurance certification) are done at the Registrar's Office which is located at 1113 Murphy Hall and is open M-F from 9-4:00. The Registrar can also help you if you need to confirm your student status, attendance, degree or address information. Contact them by phone (310) 206-0482) or visit their FAQ page online at:


Grade Points and GPA

Where can I find information on grade points and their values?

You can click here for a list of grades and their grade point values.

How can I find out how to calculate my GPA?

You can use your My.UCLA page under the GPA Calculator link to calculate your quarter and cumulative GPAs. You can also stop by any ASK location or A-316 Murphy Hall to pick up the handout Calculating your GPA.


What do I need to do in order to graduate? Do I need to complete a form or something?

The process is set in to motion when you declare your candidacy, or "degree expected" term. Before that point, however, you should make an appointment to review your progress to degree with both a full time counselor in your advising unit and the undergraduate advisor for your major. You can also take a graduation workshop, for times and information consult your My.UCLA page under services. Mission: Diploma workshops usually begin the end of winter quarter and run through spring quarter.

Can I graduate with less than a 2.0 gpa? Can I graduate with less than 180 units?

No you cannot graduate with anything less than a 2.0 GPA. You may not graduate with less than 180 units. These terms are non-negotiable, and must be completed to graduate. >

I want to walk in spring, but I am graduating in fall. Is there anything I can do?

Yes you can fill out a petition for special inclusion from your counselor starting in spring quarter. For information about the walking ceremony see commencement.



What is a hold on my record mean? What should I do If I have one?

I hold on your records mean you cannot access certain services at UCLA. This can affect registration, enrollment, financial aid, campus services, and/or release of academic transcripts for the following three reasons:

• Failure to comply with admission provisions
• Failure to settle financial obligations with the University
• Failure to respond to official notices

Each student who becomes subject to a hold action is given advance notice and ample time to respond. In most cases, the hold must be released by the initiating office before a student may enroll in classes or receive various campus services. Obtain information on holds through URSA at:


I am interested in applying for college honors. Where should I go for this information?

College Honors is awarded to graduating seniors who successfully complete the College Honors Program and who have an overall UCLA grade-point average of 3.5 or better. For more information you can visit the honors web site at You can also visit the honors office located at A-311 Murphy Hall.

I am confused; I am a Psychology major want to apply for departmental honors. Is this the same as college honors?

No departmental honors differ from college honors. College honors are given through the College of Letters and Science, while departmental honors are offered by individual departments in the College. Admission and curricular requirements vary according to the department or program. For information and requirements for departmental honors, visit the department's website or office.

What are Latin Honors?

ILatin honors are awarded at graduation to those students whose GPA are in the top 20 percent of all College of Letters and Science graduates. To be eligible, you must have completed 90 or more units for a letter grade at the University of California and must have GPA at graduation that places you in the top five percent of College of Letters and Science graduates for summa cum laude, the next five percent for magna cum laude, and the next 10 percent for cum laude. Coursework taken abroad through EAP is applied toward Latin honors at graduation. The minimum GPAs required are subject to change on an annual basis and are determined by graduating year (fall, winter, spring, summer) for eligibility. For the most current GPA you should refer to the bottom of your DPR.


Impacted Courses

How do I know if a course is impacted?

You can find a list of impacted courses at the following website:

When is the last day to drop an impacted course without having to petition the college?

You can drop before Friday of 2nd week without a petition and avoid a notation on your transcript.

Can I drop an impacted class after Week 2? If so, how?

See any ASK counselor for a RED late-drop petition for impacted courses, complete it and turn it into your counseling units (i.e. L&S, AAP, Honors, and Athletics). You should be aware, however, that these petitions are rarely approved.

Incoming Freshman

I'm an incoming freshman and I want to take summer school classes to get a head start. How do I know what to take?

While it is possible for you to get a "head start" on some of your L&S GE requirements this summer, it will take a bit of work on your part:

• First, decide what requirements you want to satisfy. In order to do this, you'll need to figure out what requirements you have already satisfied with credit you've earned in high school (AP) or community college.

• Then visit the following link in order to check out the list of courses approved for GE 2002.

• Finally, you can find out what course at your local Community College would be equivalent to the GE course you choose by going to the following site

I want to be a Bruin, but I lost my SIR! Where can I get another one?

You should visit the UCLA Admissions website at in order to find out how to replace your lost SIR..

I was admitted to UCLA, and I'm very excited! What do I have to do to enroll in classes/pass out of requirements/know what I have to take, etc?

You should definitely plan to attend UCLA's freshman orientation this summer. The Orientation Counselors will go over everything you need to know about UCLA, from course requirements to school traditions, to making the transition from high school to college. Visit the Orientation website ( for more information about how to attend.


I'm hoping to have an internship this year. How do I get credit for this?

You should visit the The Center for Community Learning located at A265 Murphy Hall. You can also visit their website at:



How do I declare or change my major?

You should speak with the undergraduate advisor of that major. If you don't know where to find the advisor for your major, visit this site:

Who should I see if I'd like to major in Design? (I'm currently an undeclared student in the College of Letters & Science)

You need to talk to an advisor in the School of Arts and Architecture (1200 Dickson Art Center) about what you would need to do in order to transfer out of L&S and into the School of Arts and Architecture. Contact them at either (310) 825-9007 or check their website at:

I haven't found a major that combines my interests. Can I make my own major?

If you have some unusual but definite academic interest and there is no suitable major is offered you can create your own major. You must have completed at least three terms of work (a minimum of 45 units) at UCLA with a grade-point average of 3.4 or better. You are required to have your major approved by Honors and Undergraduate Programs Division and the assistance of a faculty adviser. The major itself must consist of at least 48 and no more than 60 upper division units, a majority of which must be in departments offering a major in the College. A senior thesis of at least 8 but no more than 12 units is required. For details about individual majors, contact the Honors Programs Office, A311 Murphy Hall.

I am an Art major, but I want to become a student in the College of Letters and Science. Can I do that and if so, how?

Yes you can switch from another School into the College of Letters and Science. You need to come in and talk to a counselor at the College of Letters and Sciences to discuss any possible restrictions that may apply.

Minimum Progress

Can you please explain the "Minimum Progress" requirement to me? Everyone I ask seems to tell me something different.

The Minimum Progress requirement has been replaced by the Expected Cumulative Progress requirement. See ECP above.


How do I declare a minor?

You should speak with the undergraduate advisor of that minor. If you don't know where to go, visit this site:



How do I file a petition to make changes to the classes on my study list (add, drop, change grading basis)?

STo drop a class see the Drop Deadlines section above. To add a class weeks 1-3 use URSA, after the week 3 add deadline pick up a pink late add petition at any ASK location or counseling unit. To change to Pass/ No Pass from Grade or to Grade from Pass/No Pass use URSA through week six, after week six pick up the Late Credit Detail Change Petition. For either of these the process is the same; if you missed the deadline you must now complete the petition attaching supporting documentation and letter of explanation, submit this to your counseling unit. No guarantees of approval, each case is considered individually and reviewed based on the information given and your petition history.

How do I find the results of the late add petition I submitted three weeks ago?

You can check the status of your petition online — go to your MyUCLA page and click on the "petitions" link listed under "MyUCLA Features."

I just found out that a petition I filed to drop a course retroactively was denied. Is there any way I can appeal that decision?

Yes, you may write a letter of appeal. Keep in mind, however, that the College is unlikely to reverse its decision unless you can provide more and new information than your original request. (if relevant include supporting documentation, more detail about extenuating circumstances). You don't need a special form or petition to appeal—simply address the letter to your advising unit (L&S, AAP, Honors etc.) and be sure to include your name and student id number.


I want to be a doctor. What classes should I take? Is there any one who can help me plan for medical school?

There are a variety of offices throughout campus that specialize on each part of the pre-med process. For course planning and academic questions you can see a Pre-Health Peer Counselor at Covel Commons, a departmental counselor, or a L & S counselor. For career field information, personal statements, salary ranges, application information and MCAT statistics, and Letter of Recommendation services please the Career Center.

Proficiency Tests

Where can I find out about taking a Proficiency Test?

You need to contact the department that offers the test. However, most departments administer their proficiency exams either just before the quarter begins or during the first week of instruction.

PTE numbers

What is a PTE number?

A PTE number gives you "permission to enroll" in a class for which you are technically ineligible (either you have not met the class prereqs, or the class is already full).

How do I get a PTE number?

Before instruction begins, ask the undergraduate advisor for the department that administers the class about PTE numbers. Some departments will give out PTE numbers under certain conditions—particularly to students who need the class to complete requirements for a double major or minor.

Once instruction has begun, however, you will need to ask the professor (or T.A.) for the class about the possibility of getting a PTE number.

How do I use a PTE number?

Through the end of 3rd week you can input a PTE number into the URSA enrollment menu in order to add a class.


Repeating Courses

I failed Math 31B, can I retake it?

In order to repeat a class you must have received a grade of C- or lower or NP. You may repeat up to 16 units of graded coursework

I took English 10A pass/no pass and got a NP (I missed the final) Can I now repeat this course for a letter grade?

You can repeat a NP for a letter grade, however a graded course can not be repeated on a P/NP basis.

Residency Requirements (tuition; academic)

Who do I talk to about petitioning my non-resident status? d

For more information about California residency requirements, visit the following webpage:

What is the Senior Residency requirement?

35 out of your last 45 units must be taken here at UCLA. For more detailed information click here

I want to take 2 classes at SDSU over the summer. Can I do that if I have 125 units?

Yes you can as long as you complete 35 units for your degree out of your last 45 units here at UCLA.


Subject to Dismissal

For information regarding Subject to Dismissal please see

See Academic Probation above

Summer School

Where can I get more information about UCLA Summer Sessions?

You can obtain more information on the web at or in person at 1147 Murphy Hall.

Where can I get more information about UCLA Summer Sessions?

You can obtain more information on the web at or in person at 1147 Murphy Hall.

I want to take a math class at UC Berkeley over the summer. How will the class transfer over?

transfer over? Transferring classes from semester system/Berkeley back to quarter system/UCLA can be tricky. There is UC reciprocity for any courses that another UC gives credit for. So UCLA will honor that credit as well as the grade earned in the course. But, it is hard to determine a precise course equivalent. There usually is not such a thing. Often two of their courses, the entire year sequence, converts to our 3 courses, again the same year sequence. But when you break up a sequence per course it is difficult. But, if you want the course that is as close as you can get, bring a list of Berkeley math courses to a UCLA math department counselor. They can help you figure out what will directly transfer as the class you want it to.


Transfer Credit

Where do I send the transcript for the class I took at a community college this summer?

Send it to:

Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools
1147 Murphy
Box 951436
Los Angeles, CA. 90095-1436

How do I find out about getting credit for courses I took at a Cal State last summer?

Since UCLA does not have articulation agreements with 4 year institutions, it's a bit more difficult to get credit for courses taken at a state college than it is for work done at a community college. If the Admissions Office doesn't recognize the courses you took as equivalent to anything offered here at UCLA, you will have to petition either the college or your major dept. to get credit. (Who you petition depends on whether you want the classes to count for GE or major requirements).

What does it mean if there is an "NR" grade for a class?

"NR" means that your professor has not yet turned in your grade to the Registrar's office. If you see this notation on your records, you should get in touch with your professor.


UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam

I still need to take UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam (formerly called Subject A English) - what should I do? Who should I see?

You can direct any questions regarding Writing Placement Exams to:

Writing Programs
146 Humanities Building
(310) 206-1145 .


Virtual Counseling

What is Virtual Counseling and where can I find it?

Virtual Counseling is an "advising" chat room hosted by Counseling Assistants from the College of Letters and Science. It's open Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 and Monday through Thursday from 7 to 8. You can find the VC link on your MyUCLA page listed under "Online Counseling." For more information about Virtual Counseling, visit the VC FAQ page.



I'm on a waitlist right now, how do I enroll in the course?

Check URSA for your status in the class, because you may have moved up the waitlist (or even into the class) if another student has dropped the class. If you don't see any movement, however, you can always ask your professor for a PTE number that will override the enrollment limit.

When are waitlists dropped?

Friday of 2nd week.

Withdrawing from the Quarter

I had a family emergency this quarter and have fallen behind in all my classes. There's no way that I can catch up at this point. What should I do: drop all my classes?

Withdrawing from the University means discontinuing attendance in all courses in which students are enrolled. Students who withdraw during a term need to file a Notice of Withdrawal, available from their counseling unit or any ASK Peer Counselor. When a student officially withdraws, a percentage of the registration fee is refunded depending on the date the withdrawal form is filed. These claims for refund must be presented within the academic (fiscal) year for which the claim is applicable. Students may withdraw only if they have not taken any final examinations or otherwise completed the work in any classes. One withdrawal places no restriction on readmission or continuation if you started the term in good academic standing.

I withdrew last quarter but I now I don't know if I can complete this term. What will happen to me if I withdrawal again?

If you withdraw more than once without three intervening completed quarters or while in academic difficulty, a hold may be placed on your continuation. Before you withdrawal it is important to consult your college counselors.

Last quarter I had to go out of town for an emergency and didn't take any of my finals, is there any way for me to go back and drop the whole quarter?

Yes, you may withdraw from a term retroactively. You need to provide verification that no final examinations were taken. Please note: once you graduate and earn your diploma, your record is sealed. No petitions or withdrawals are considered at that time.

Writing I & II

How do I know what courses satisfy Writing I and II requirements?

A list of courses for the current academic year can be found at: