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Academic Regulations

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Double Majors

Students in good academic standing may be permitted to have a double major consisting of departmental majors from two departments within the College, provided it can be done within a student's Maximum Units. You cannot apply for a double major until you've completed the following requirements:

  • All prerequisites for both majors
  • 2 upper division courses for each major

With few exceptions, double majors in the same department are unacceptable. Students must designate one of the two majors as the primary major. No more than 5 upper division courses may be common to both majors.

Please consult your College counselor regarding the applicability of pre-major or major courses on GE.

If you will exceed your Maximum Units, you may petition ahead of time to determine whether this will be approved. Please be aware that exceeding your Maximum Units without College approval is a violation of University regulations, which would render you ineligible for a degree.

How to Petition for a Double Major

Step I:

From your College advising unit obtain:

Step II:

Ask the undergraduate advisors for each major to complete the following steps:

  • Review your Degree Audit with you to make sure that you will not overlap by more than 5 classes between the two majors (your College advising unit will calculate all other requirements, e.g., GE, Upper Division, Academic Residence, Unit Maximum, etc).
  • Directly on the double major handout/worksheet each counselor should:
    1. Note any substitutions/waivers of major requirements or prereqs that have been approved but are not accurately reflected on the current Degree Audit.
    2. Make corrections of any other errors.
    3. Indicate the number of units remaining to be completed for the major (including prereqs). If you find that you will exceed the unit maximum, see below for further instructions.
    4. Put his/her initials.
  • Approve the major on the Petition for Change of Academic Program.

Step III:

If necessary, petition to exceed the unit maximum.

If after conferring with your departmental and College advisors you determine that you will exceed the Unit Maximum, you will need to submit a Blue Petition along with your Double Major Petition to your College advising unit. On the Blue Petition indicate the exact number of units you will have completed when you have finished all Major and College requirements (for example: "request to graduate with __ units"). As you are requesting an exception to the rule, you must include an explanation justifying granting an exception. Please be aware that approval is NOT guaranteed.

You may wish to make an appointment with a College Counselor in your College advising unit before submitting the Blue Petition to help you determine remaining GE, Upper Division, and Senior Residence requirements.

Step IV:

Submit the following to your College advising unit:

  • The Undergraduate Program Change Petition signed and completed by the departmental counselors for both majors;
  • Double major worksheet;
  • A program plan indicating quarter by quarter all courses remaining to be taken (include extra courses you will need to take, e.g., additional classes for Financial Aid, repeat of classes, etc.);
  • Unit max petition, if you will exceed your unit max.

If your Blue Petition to exceed maximum units is approved, the College will grant the Double Major. However, please be aware that approval of the Blue Petition is not guaranteed.