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GE Articulation Agreements

GE Articulation Agreements
Articulation FAQs
Credit Restrictions

Credit Restrictions

  • If you have already earned college credit for a class taken at UCLA, you cannot repeat the class for credit at a community college. The reverse is also true: you will not receive credit for a class you take at UCLA if you have already received credit for the class from another institution.
  • You will not receive credit for courses taken at a community college in violation of sequence restrictions whether or not the restrictions are imposed by UCLA or the community college.
  • If you take the equivalent of English 3 at another institution without having first satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement, you will earn neither course credit nor unit credit for the class. If you pass the class, however, you will receive credit for satisfying the Subject A requirement.

Unit Restrictions

  • After you have completed 105 quarter units toward your degree, you are no longer eligible to receive unit credit for courses completed at a community college. Even if you do not receive unit credit, you may still receive course credit to satisfy degree requirements if the course is appropriate and transferrable.
  • One semester unit translates into 1.5 quarter units.

Concurrent Enrollment

  • You are concurrently enrolled if your take courses for credit at another institution while enrolled at UCLA during regular session (fall, winter and spring terms).
  • No credit will be given for courses taken concurrently without the permission of the college.
  • The UCLA College does not permit concurrent enrollment except under extraordinary circumstances.